Canara Bank Online Application for Empanelment of Concurrent Auditors

Canara Bank invites applications from the eligible/interested Chartered Accountant Proprietary Concerns / Firms / Companies for empanelment as Concurrent Auditors for conducting Concurrent Audit in the identified 650 branches / units for the period from 01.07.2015 to 30.06.2016. Eligible/interested Proprietary Concerns / Firms / Companies, who are agreeable to the above terms & conditions, may apply online only in the application, on or before 26.06.2015.

MANDATORY Conditions for appointment:

1. Applicant should be either a Partnership or Proprietorship firm or a Company, already in the panel of the R B I, which are circulated among the Banks for Statutory Audit of the Banks from time to time. Registration of firm with RBI and category is mandatory.

2. The auditors who are already doing the Concurrent Audit of our branches are eligible for re-empanelment. However, those Audit Firms which are conducting Concurrent Audit of our branches continuously for a period of THREE years or THREE terms are not eligible for re-empanelment. They are eligible for reempanelment after a cooling period of one year.

3. The empanelment and allocation of branches to the auditors will be purely the prerogative of the Bank. Such empanelment shall be initially for a period of one year and can be extended upto a maximum period of 3 years ( subject to clause 2 above) subject to satisfactory performance of the auditor.

4. The Concurrent Audit firm should furnish the name and qualification of the persons, who shall be conducting audit in the branch, to the Bank before commencing audit assignment and such persons will have to continue audit for all the months.

5. The Concurrent Audit firm will undertake that they will not sub contract the audit assignment.

6. The Concurrent Audit firm will not lobby directly or indirectly for considering any credit proposals of their friends/clients to the Bank.

7. The eligible auditor / firms should be qualified under provisions of Section 141 of Companies Act 2013 for appointment as auditors of the Bank. Auditors should not have been disqualified under Section 226 of the Companies Act, 1956 to accept this appointment.

8. The Concurrent Audit firm / or the partners or any of their clients should not have any credit facilities with the auditee branch for which they are applying for except credit facilities against their own deposits.

9. The firm/any partners/Directors of the firm/ Company should not have statutory audit, credit audit, valuation of fixed / current assets or any other similar assignments with any branch of Canara Bank.

10.The firm/any partners/ Directors of the firm/ Company should not have any disciplinary matters pending with ICAI/RBI and they should not have suffered any disqualification.

11.The firms should be having sufficient experience in conducting audits in Banks / our Bank. Other things being equal the Audit Firms with Proprietor/ partner with CISA /DISA qualification will be given preference.

12.The firm should have their office / infrastructure in the proposed Centre/ town / city opted for.

13.Only one branch will be allotted to a selected firm. However, the Bank has the discretion to change the allocation of the branches based on any administrative exigencies.

14.Whenever any of the Proprietor / Partner/ Director of the Audit firm/ Company is related to any of the employees/ Directors of the Bank, the relationship with such employees/ Directors should be specifically mentioned in the application.

15.The Bank has the discretion to consider or reject any of the applications based on any of the RBI / Government / Internal guidelines of the Bank.

16.Only the audit firm provisionally selected for empanelment will be communicated through e-mail. No individual intimation will be sent to the audit firm whose application is not considered for empanelment.

17.The audit firm should give their consent in writing / undertaking letter in the prescribed format agreeing to comply with and bound by the terms and conditions prescribed by the Bank.

18.The Audit Firm selected is eligible for reappointment subject to Annual Review by the Bank upto a maximum period of 3 Terms / 3 Years. The re-appointment may be to the same branch or to any other branch at the discretion of the Bank.

19.The Audit firm shall submit the reports in the prescribed format covering all the Audit areas advised from time to time which includes quarterly Risk Rating of branches. The Auditors shall certify all the reports under branch Statutory Audit system covering NPA provisioning, Insurance Coverage, P & L A/c, CRAR, Certification regarding Tax Audit and other areas to be advised from time to time.

20.The Audit Firm shall sign on the Do’s & Don’ts statement in order to have proper arms length relationship with the Branch / Department for which they will be conducting Audit.


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