Income Tax Challan for IDS: Income Declaration Scheme Challan No ITNS 286

Download the Income Tax Challan for IDS, Tax Payer i.e. Declarant can deposit Income Tax liability under Income Tax Declaration Scheme using Income Tax Form ITNS 286

Total Tax Liability under IDS is 45% of Income Declare under IDS (30% Tax + 15% Penalty) Those who have declare Income under IDS have to deposit tax and penalty in following ratio or Schedule for Payment of Tax & Penalty under IDS

  1. 25% of Tax, Surcharge & Penalty by 30th November 2016
  2. 25% of Tax, Surcharge & Penalty by 31st March 2017
  3. Remaining 50% of Tax, Surcharge & Penalty by 30th September 2017

For IDS separate challan has to be used in ITNS FORM 286 Download the Income Tax

Download (PDF)

Form 286


How to Pay or Deposit Outstanding Income Tax Demand Online or Offline through Challan 280

Income Tax Demand or Refund is issued once your assessment for that year is completed and Income tax officer i.e. Assessing Officer issues Income Tax Assessment order under section 143 (Summary assessment and Scrutiny assessment), Section 144 (Best judgment assessment), Section 147(Income escaping assessment). But Once Assessment is completed there can three outcome

1. No Demand or Refund for that Assessment Year

2. Refund Issued for that Assessment Year

3.  Demand Payable

So Assessee has two option or alternate in relation to that assessment year he accepts it or rejects is in case no acceptable then he can file Appeal Against that Assessment year with Income Tax Appeal with 30 days of receipt of Income tax Assessment order. In case accepts that Assessment order he has the option to pay outstanding  Income Tax Demand either online or offline through challan no 280. Basic Information required for Depositing Income Tax Demand or Normal Income Tax is PAN Number and Year for which you want to deposit income tax.

Process for Deposit Online Outstanding Income Tax Demand (Click on Link for Payment of Income Tax ) or Download the Challan No 280

Opening Page for tax Information System

Select Challan No 280 :Payment of Income Tax & Corporation Tax 

Challan No 280 Online Payment Screen

Tax Applicable: select code 21 for any Person other than Companies

PAN Number: 

Assessment for Year: Year for which Demand is Outstanding (Note Asst Year for Financial Year 2011-12 will be 2012-13, 2012-13 will be 2013-14, 2013-14 will be 2014-15 and So on)

Name of Person: As Given on PAN Card (it will be displayed once you fill all details and click on proceed link given at the end of form 280)

Address of the Assessee

Mobile No and Email id

Type Of Payment: Select 400(TAX ON REGULAR ASSESSMENT) for Income Tax Demand Deposit and 300 (SELF ASSESSMENT TAX) for Deposit of Tax Before filing Income tax return after year ending and 100 (ADVANCE TAX) for deposit of Income Tax Before year ending for FY 2015-16 (Assessment Year 2016-17) upto 31st March 2016.

Select Bank: Bank for which Net Banking Facility is activated

Once Proceed is Selected Confirmation Screen will be opened


If All the Details Correct Select Submit to Bank Option.

In Case if Assessee wants to Deposit Income Tax Offline then he can download Challan No 280 and Fill the Above details

Download (PDF)


List of Authorised Banks for E-Payment of Income Tax: Banks for Online Tax Payment

List of Banks authorized by Income Tax Department for collecting E-Payment of Income Tax .i.e Online Collection of Advance Income tax, Tax Deducted Source (TDS) and Self Assessment Tax under Income Tax Act through NSDL. Total 30 Indian Banks have been empanelled for online Tax Collection  for Payment of TDS on Sale of Property (Form 26QB), Tax Deducted at Source / Tax Collected at Source (TDS/TCS) from corporates or non-corporates TDS/TCS (CHALLAN NO./ITNS 281), payment of Income tax & Corporation Tax (CHALLAN NO./ITNS 280), payment of Security Transaction Tax, Hotel Receipts Tax, Estate Duty, Interest Tax, Wealth Tax, Expenditure Tax /Other direct taxes & Gift tax (CHALLAN NO./ITNS 282).

Following is the List of Banks for Online Tax Collection (Income Tax, Service Tax, Custom and Excise)

  1. Allahabad Bank
  2. Andhra Bank
  3. Axis Bank
  4. Bank of Baroda
  5. Bank of India
  6. Bank of Maharashtra
  7. Canara Bank
  8. Central Bank of India
  9. Corporation Bank
  10. Dena bank
  11. HDFC Bank
  12. ICICI Bank
  13. IDBI Bank Limited
  14. Indian Bank
  15. Indian Overseas Bank
  16. Jammu and Kashmir Bank
  17. Oriental Bank of Commerce
  18. Punjab National Bank
  19. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
  20. State Bank of Hyderabad
  21. State Bank of India
  22. State Bank of Indore
  23. State Bank of Mysore
  24. State Bank of Patiala
  25. State Bank of Travancore
  26. Syndicate Bank
  27. UCO BANK
  28. Union Bank of India
  29. United Bank of India
  30. Vijaya Bank

Know Your Income Tax, Service Tax, Custom, Excise Challan Status online

Any one can check the Income Tax, Service Tax, Custom, Central Excise Challan Status using the basic details like 

  • BSR Code of Collecting Branch
  • Challan Tender Date(Cash/Cheque Deposit Date)
  • Challan Serial No.
  • Amount

Following Details will be generated for the given Income tax Challan

  • BSR Code of Collecting Branch
  • Challan Tender Date
  • Challan Serial No.
  • Major Head Code – Income Tax on Companies code 0020 or Income tax Other than Companies code 0021
  • Minor Head Code – Advance Tax (100), Surtax (102), Tax On Distributed Profits(106), Self Assessment Tax (300), Tax On Regular Assessment (400)
  • Assessment Year: For 2012-13 (2012), For 2013-14(2013), For 2014-15 (2014)
  •  TAN / PAN: ANYPA1234N(Your 10 digit PAN number)
  • Name of Taxpayer
  • Received by TIN on: DD-MM-YYYY
  • Amount

OLTAS Application

INCOME TAX CHALLAN NO 283: For Payment of Banking Cash Transaction/FBT

Download the Income Tax Challan No 283, for payment of Banking cash transaction (Abolished from 1st April 2009), this form can also be used for making payment of FBT (FBT has been abolished in the year 2009 Union Budget)

Download Income tax Challan No 281:Payment of TDS/TCS

Download Income tax Challan No 280:Payment of  Advance Tax and Income Tax by Individual and CorporateINCOME TAX CHALLAN NO 283: For Payment of Banking Cash Transaction/FBT

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INCOME TAX CHALLAN NO 282: For Payment of STT/Hotel Tax/ Interest Tax

INCOME TAX CHALLAN NO 282: For Payment of STT/Hotel Tax/ Interest Tax

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Online Income Tax TDS Statement and Challan No 281: For Payment of TDS/TCS

You can check your income tax quarterly TDS Status Statement using your TAN Number and Provisional Receipt Number online and for Depositing TDS/ TCS one has to use Income Tax Challan No 281. Also Check the TDS Rates Applicable on Your Payment


Welcome TIN User_20130222_175025

Download Challan/Form for Depositing Income Tax Dues 


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INCOME TAX CHALLAN NO 280: For Payment of Income Tax

Income Tax Challan No. 280 for payment of Income tax, advance tax, Self Assessment tax by the corporate and non corporate entity. This challan can be used by Individual or Partnership Firm for depositing their  Income Tax liabilities. Download Income Tax Challan No 281 for Payment of TDS/TCSINCOME TAX CHALLAN NO 280: For Payment of Income Tax

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Income Tax Challan Correction, Rectification of Challan Details

Process of Income Tax Challan Correction and Rectification of Challan Details. One of the most common problem related to payment of income tax is wrong details filed in Income Tax Challan,  So how to rectify or correct the Income Tax challan or how to transfer the   income tax paid to correct PAN Number or how to correct assessment year in IT Challan. So to solve the challan correction problem income tax Income Tax Department has introduced OLTAS (On Line Tax Accounting System), the physical challans of all Direct Tax payments received from the deductors / taxpayers are digitized on daily basis by the  collecting banks and the data transmitted to TIN (Tax Information Network) through link cell. At present, the banks are permitted to correct data relating to three fields only i.e. amount, major head code and name.

The other errors can be corrected only by the assessing officers. So if person want to correct the PAN number or  Assessment Year in Income tax Challan can do so within 7 days by filing application with Bank of Deposit but after 7 days he has to contact assessing officer for any correction in Income Tax Challan.

New Procedure of challan correction by banks (for physical challans):
To remedy this situation, a new Challan Correction Mechanism for physical challans has been put in place. Under this mechanism, for income tax payments made on or after  1.9.2011, the following fields can be got corrected through the concerned bank branch:

  • Assessment Year,  TAN/PAN,  Total Amount  can be corrected with in 7days from challan deposit date
  • Nature of payment (TDS Codes),  Major Head Code  Minor Head Code can be corrected with 3 months from challan deposit date.

Conditions for correction of Income Tax Deposit Challan by Bank
The changes can be made by the banks, subject to following conditions:

  1. Correction in Name is not permitted.
  2. Any combination of correction of Minor Head and Assessment Year together is not allowed.
  3. PAN/TAN correction will be allowed only when the name in the challan matches with the name as per the new PAN/TAN.
  4. The change of amount will be permitted only on the condition that the amount so corrected is not different from the amount actually received by the bank and credited to Govt. Account.
  5. For a single challan, correction is allowed only once. However, where 1st correction request is made only for amount, a 2nd correction request will be allowed for correction in other fields.
  6. There will be no partial acceptance of change correction request, i.e. either  all the requested changes will be allowed, if they pass the validation, or no change will be allowed, if any one of the requested changes fails the validation test.

Format of application to bank for challan correction to be requested by the taxpayer

The Branch Manager,
————————— (Address of Branch)
Taxpayer Details :
Taxpayer Name :
Taxpayer Address :
Taxpayer TAN/PAN :
Name of Authorized Signatory :
(in case of non-individual taxpayer)
Sub : Request for Correction in Challan No: 280/281/282/283 [Strike out which ever is not applicable]
I request you to make corrections in the challan data as per following details :
Challan Details:
BSR Code Challan Tender Date (Cash/Cheque Deposit Date) Challan Sl. No.
Sl. No. Fields in which correction required Please Tick Original Details Modified Details
1. TAN/PAN (10 digit)
2. Assessment Year (YYYY)
3. Major Head code (4 digit)
4. Minor Head code (3 digit)
5. Nature of Payment (3 digit)
6. Total Amount (13 digit)
Note: Please tick against the relevant fields where changes are required.

Tax payer/Authorized Signatory

1. Attach copy of original challan counterfoil.
2. In case of correction to challan 280, 282, 283 attach copy of PAN card.
3. In case of a non-individual tax payer, attach the original authorization with seal of the
non-individual tax-payer.
4. The request form for correction is to be submitted in duplicate to the bank branch.
5. A separate request form is to be submitted for each challan.